Build 100s of Contextual Do Follow Backlinks in Minutes

Our Top Features

How we differ from other services

Daily Updates

We update our lists daily to ensure that our customers get fresh verified targets everyday.

No Duplicate Domains

We filter duplicate URLs and domains every few minutes to provide you only the unique lists.

Premium Dedicated Server

We use a high grade dedicated server to scrape millions of websites to find the new targets daily.

Instant Access

Our website is fully automated and so you can access the full lists as soon as you subscribe to our service

Low OBL Premium Sites

We avoid all spam websites that have more than 100 OBL for tier 1 links in order to maintain the quality of the backlinks.

Secret & Limited Share

We share our lists only with a maximum of 100 customers to keep the lists fresh and maintain the quality of our service.

Create 1000 Backlinks in Just 60 Mins

We try to scrape recaptcha safe sites to get quality backlinks. Those sites are less spammed compared to the other sites. If you use the right proxies and captcha breaker, you can build almost 1k backlinks in an hour.

More about the software

Myraid of Websites with Do Follow Contextual Links

High quality content oriented do follow contextual links are very useful than normal links with no anchor texts. So, We use our servers mostly to scrape more blogs rather than comments related sites to get the best results.

Huge Tier 1 Verified Lists

Hundreds of Exclusive Targets for Building Tier 1 Backlinks

Most of the lists providers give you low quality tier 2 verified lists. It has no effect on SEO. We are the only service to provide you the best targets for tier 1 links which includes wordpress sites, drupal blogs, buddypress sites, etc.

Blogs Lists

Create articles on various kinds of content platforms and get contextual links from them.

High Quality Social Networking Sites

We scrape a lot of social sites daily and filter out spammed websites. These sites will allow you to create an article and get a do follow contextual link.

Wiki Sites

Even though wiki sites give you only No follow backlinks, the links from quality wiki sites will be indexed by Google and it will be treated as a signal that your site is important.

Our awesome features

Diversified Unique Targets to Improve SEO Rank

Nowadays, ranking a website is very hard and Google is very picky when indexing backlinks. So, the quality of the websites you use to build is very important in order to rank higher on SERP. Use our preimum quality verified lists to improve your backlinks score and authority easily.

Frequently asked questions

Most Common Questions

The answer is very simple and straight forward. They focus on numbers rather than the quality. But, we focus only on the quality to build to scrape tier 1 targets rather than tier 2 low quality sites. We are using dedicated servers to scrape millions of websites daily and filter them using our own software tools to avoid the spamming and low quality websites. We are monitoring 24x7 to exclude the unwanted targets and duplicate domains. So, you get only the cleaned verified lists.
Our lists are automatically every minute as soon as the software finds a new verified target.
Our system is fully automatic. So, as soon as the payment is completeed, your email ID will be added the access list and you can download the full verified lists at any time after that.
Currently, we are accepting only PayPal payments via our automatic payment portal. But, you can also pay us via Paxum and Payoneer manually. We will verify the payment and activate your subscription then.

Cheap & Best Prices

Basic $29.99
  • Daily Updates
  • Auto Sync Using Dropbox
  • Duplicate Domains Removal
  • 30 Days Validity
  • Free Support
  • Free GSA SER Project Setup
Standard $39.99
  • Daily Updates
  • Auto Sync Using Dropbox
  • Duplicate Domains Removal
  • 30 Days Validity
  • Free Support
  • Free GSA SER Project Setup
Premium $49.99
  • Daily Updates
  • Auto Sync Using Dropbox
  • Duplicate Domains Removal
  • 30 Days Validity
  • Free Support
  • Free GSA SER Project Setup